We’re not sure if there is anybody that hasn’t heard the news yet, but in case you were preoccupied with making Spaghetti Bolognese all day long: The Secret World’s relaunch has been made official. To start off on a light note, please allow us to quote an important piece of literature: DON’T PANIC

What Funcom has let us know for now is that Secret World Legends will start off with a clean slate. This will obviously mean that a lot of work and dedication spent on “your stuff” will mostly just vanish into thin air when making the move onto the new servers. It is our strong opinion however that beyond this gear, what you won’t lose is the memories and experience of The Secret World. Together as a group, we’ve been working on building a community for the game since July 2011, almost a year before the launch of The Secret World. We are certain that we want to continue doing the same – and hopefully have even more fun together.

As it stands now, Nine Swords will be taking a very similar path in the coming months. To be ready for Secret World Legends, all of us have work to do. We already have such a fantastic cabal structure, vast amounts of ideas - and large proportions of our member base wanting to be a successful cabal. We can grow that further. We can make sure that we have the 9S Academy ideas built up, get our divisions working even better together as teams and make sure that any new recruits we get, as well as members who have been with us a long time feel at home, part of a team... and that we have fun together.

We hope that all our members will get involved in the discussions and initiatives that will be started over the coming period - and help to stir up dust so that we can find innovative ideas, better ways of being, even more awesomeness, or even just to make the whole place shiny. Together we will help our cabal to succeed in the aim of being in excellent shape for whatever may come, whenever it may come.

In Ferro Veritas
Durendal and Katelin