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Today sees the launch of the SWL 3rd Anniversary events. 

Log in to receive a free special gift every day during the event, including a new motorcycle mount and a Glyph Exchanger!  What’s a Glyph Exchanger?  A new consumable that lets you swap a glyph into another type, retaining its level and experience! What joy for all those Stalwart and Elusive glyphs sitting in our banks!! 

The Talos of Gaia is back. This is an hourly portal opening at the portal by the mall area of Agartha. There are 11 different Talos of Gaia Golems that spawn on a rotation each hour.  Due to the rotation of the cycle.. you will eventually see all 11 golems, even if you only have time to play for 1 boss fight per day. The loot from these is usually cosmetic items and distillates. So, you will often see people log in for this then disappear until the next hour! 

Defeating the Talos will allow you to open the Buzzing Hive, an extra item you get every day alongside event login rewards!  Plus, the Talos have a chance at dropping items to fill out your Museum of the Occult (Shards usually for your Golem upgrades)! Also dropping from the Talos are Shards of Corruption which you can get together with other people and use 11 of them to get to the Gatekeeper instance. 

On top of that, Anniversary Cache is back, Agartha is all dressed up for the occasion with party favours and destructible piñatas you can smack for free loot! Also make sure to get your hands on the Seasonal Legends if you don't have them already!