Dungeon and Raid Etiquette


First of all, have fun! ;)

The Nine Swords Cabal (9S) organise different kinds of runs: dungeons, raids, lairs and other events. The event can be announced on the Forum allowing earlier sign-ups or can be organised on the fly using the Cabal ingame chat.

The person organising an event (the Leader) should clearly state the requirements for the run that the participants are asked to fulfill. For example, these may be the expected roles (tank, healer, dps, any other) or the level of item power, etc. Furthermore, the Leader is obliged to post any relevant information in a sign-up post, e.g. lair directive, raid directive, etc. The 9S resources contain InfoCards that can be used during the event.

Each noticeboard announcement has to contain the date, starting and ending hour (or approximated time length), as well as a time zone for the starting hour, e.g. UTC. UTC time zone might be one of the easiest one to calculate the starting time for players around the world.

If the Leader organises the run through the Forum, he or she should also schedule it in the Events Section with a link to the sign-up thread. Any person looking at the Events Section should have direct access to the sign-up thread in the Forum.

It is advised that the leader plan to send invites to players a few minutes before the event start time, especially in the case of raids or lair runs (which need an empty game instance before the start of the event).

Sign-ups for any event that was announced on the Forum should be made respectively in a dedicated thread according to the requirements of the Leader.

Remember to be on time! This applies to Leaders too!

If you have been put on reserve for a run, you are expected to be online in case you are needed, unless you notify someone ahead of time that you will not be able to attend or the raid leader has communicated to you in advance that all spots are filled and attendance is 100 percent.

The Leader must release the reserves as soon as the group is full and no other players can join. The assembled group should not be made waiting for the missing players. Again, remember to be on time.

It is advised that the Leader asks reserves if they want to try to join the raid instance and follow the group during lair runs. Raid leaders should not do this until everyone from the raid is in the same instance.

If you signed up for an event and cannot make it, please let anyone in the group know about it as soon as possible. The Leader has a right to call reserves if you are not there on time.

In case of continuous late arrivals without prior notice to anyone in the group (preferably the Leader), your sign-up can be moved to reserve in future runs.

During any run always mind your assigned role and act accordingly, e.g. tanks always pull. Do not ruin the game experience of the other players by an inappropriate behaviour.

Learning runs should be announced properly and set in a defined time frame indicating their ending time. Any players taking part in a learning run should have enough time and patience to participate during the whole run. The veteran players are required to give a helping hand to the learning players during the learning run. We all were there at some point.

The Leader has a right to require the use of voice communication for the run. If he or she chooses to do so, it should be announced in the sign-up post, so any participants know about it before signing up. The main Cabal voice communication channel is Mumble (more information here and here). No one is required to own or use a microphone, but if voice communication is required, you must be able to listen to the voice channel (for example, to listen to raid tactics or commands, etc.).