Cabal Bank

The 9S bank is a place to store items of interest to the whole cabal as well as gear items that cabal members are willing to offer to other members to help their gearing process. Since the number of slots available is very limited, we must select the items that benefit our members the most.

What goes in the bank?

Regional and World Boss summoning Essences:

All regional summoning essences resulted from cabal lair runs will be collected and used in subsequent cabal actions for summoning them. This is an action that can benefit more than 10 people, because of the mechanic that allows more than 10 people to loot the chest resulted from such kills. They can be requested by anyone that organizes boss summoning events on the forums, in the thread that announces the event. The 40-man boss summoning essences that may result from those kills also should be deposited in the cabal bank.


We want to see equipment in the cabal bank that's expensive or hard to get but useful, for example

  • Cold Silver Dive, KSR of Energy/Havoc, Intricate glyphs, and Signets like Cruel Delight, Nemain, or other commonly used ones.
  • Weapons - 2 and 3 pip dungeon drops, blue cache items that members are willing to donate. Please consider the type of weapon before putting it in too. Havoc and Energy are for most weapon types the best ones to have.
  • Glyphs - at least 3 pip quality, 2 pip ones are very cheap on the AH regardless of effect and it's not worth a cabal bank slot.
  • Signets - preferred Head, Neck and Finger slots, all the others will be cleared periodically and if they are worth less than 500 MoF on the AH we wont think twice about vendoring them!
  • Talismans - 2 and 3 pip dungeons and raid drops. 3 Pip will be kept until someone expresses interest, the 2 pip will be cleared periodically
  • Gadgets - Red ones (Yellow if highly sought after).

What DOESN'T go in the bank?

Quest Items

Do not put quest items in the Cabal Bank.

This also applies to seasonal event items, clothing, caches, container keys etc. - if you want to give your left over items away, please offer them for free within the cabal (or via our forums) and do not fill our cabal bank with them.

In addition to the above items, normal 3-pip talismans and weapons, 1 and 2-pip glyphs, anything other than red or yellow gadgets should not go into the bank.

Who can put things in cabal bank?

All cabal members are welcome to donate to cabal bank.

Free to Play players do not have access to the cabal bank. However, that does not mean you cannot donate things too. Please just ask in cabal chat for someone to help you!

How can I request something from the bank?

Requests can be made for items in cabal bank after you have been in the cabal for ONE Month.

Please consider when making your request that the bank serves all our members. Making a request that is unreasonable, ie. for lots of expensive and sought after items in one go, will likely be refused.

All members of 9S must use this forum area to request items from the bank. Please make a new thread in the linked forum area with the following information:

Thread title: [REQUEST] Your ingame name

In the post, please state:

  • The item you want

Making sure you state your ingame name is really important, especially if your ingame name and forum name are not the same!

Someone of Recruiter or Leader Rank will respond to your request to give their approval. You will then need to be in-game at the same time as someone rank 3 or higher with cabal bank access to accept the trade of the item. On receipt of your item, you are expected to insert your trade (if you are making one)