Submitting Suggestions

Ideas and suggestions being communicated constructively will ensure that the cabal grows and works towards common goals and remains in tune with what all of our members wish for our future. Therefore, this directive outlines the resources available to you to channel your ideas and suggestions.

The three main ways you are able to communicate your ideas and suggestions within Nine Swords are:

  1. Directly with a member of the Nine Swords leadership team
  2. In the forums (Section depending on what your suggestion / idea relates to)
  3. Via the contact form

Directly with the Nine Swords leadership team

If you have a suggestion that relates directly to one of the areas of expertise covered by one of the Nine Swords division, it may be that you can receive feedback straight away via contacting the leader of that division. It should be noted that not all leaders will be able to just drop what they are doing to sit and chat with you about an idea you have, and that delivering it to them via PM could be a better option to enable them to read it, digest it and give you their thoughts in response.

Our leaders will always try to help you shape your idea or suggestion into a proposal that weighs up the pros and cons for it and to hopefully give you a stronger argument as to why you think your suggestion or idea is a good one!! Always consider though that one to one discussions are unlikely to lead to immediate acceptance of an idea or suggestion and instead be the kick-off to wider discussions in groups or via the forums.

In the forums (Section depending on what your suggestion / idea relates to)

Some suggestions, especially those in their infancy, are given strength and room to grow when more people can throw in their ideas and help develop it further. If you are comfortable in taking your idea directly to the whole cabal and to establish via a forum thread whether there is support for what you are posting – then this method could be the right one for you. If you do choose this method, please consider that –

  1. You need to be very clear on what you are suggesting or the idea you have
  2. Backing up your suggestion or idea with examples and how it can help the cabal will give weight to your post
  3. Not everyone is likely to always agree with your idea or suggestion, and sometimes people may counter it.

Overall, whichever method you use to submit a suggestion or idea for Nine Swords - know that your leadership team encourages you to do so!!