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Issue 4: December 9th, 2015 - In Ferro Veritas

Welcome to the December issue of The Sword's Edge! In this months issue, we have an interview with our new Rapier division leaders, we have the continuation of Lupus Magnus as well as a Screenshot competition and much much more. There has, as always, been a lot going on within Nine Swords over this last month - including new promotions into our leadership team so that we can be ready again to start the New Year as a force to be reckoned with! If all that is going on within 9S isn't enough, we are also running full speed into the festive season which is always great within TSW. Issue 13 is on the horizon where we will be able to continue the storyline into Kaidan.

So.. coffee cups and chocolate cake at the ready. Enjoy this months issue of The Sword's Edge!

Floryn & Hit-Parade

Interview with Floryn and Hit-Parade

Last fall, you got to know a bit more about our division leaders through a series of interviews. However, a lot of changes have occurred since then. Sooo…let’s start again! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Floryn and Hit-Parade, the new (co-)leaders of the Nine Swords Rapier Division.

[Floryn]: Hey Russ.

[Hit-Parade]: Floryn, how you doing, man? It's been a while. Russell drops into the overstuffed chair with a sigh, and takes a long pull on his drink.

[Floryn]: Yeah, okay, a bit tired. And you? Oh, hey Rox.

[Hit-Parade]: Russell looks to his right, raising one eyebrow slightly. "Hello, I don't think we've met... He offers his hand. "Russell Kobayashi. Nice to meet you.

[Oxara]: Indeed! Roxane Raven, nice to meet you too.

[Floryn]: So, Rox, what do you have in mind? I guess you have some questions prepared? *checks time*

[Hit-Parade]: Russell raises the other eyebrow now. Questions? Floryn, she's not interviewing you for a dating service or something like this, is she? he teases good-naturedly.

[Floryn]: Haha, hope not. I have some bad experiences with that.

[Oxara]: Hum! As I said to Floryn, this interview would help Nine Swords’ new members to discover the Rapier Division. Are you still in?

[Hit-Parade]: Russell smiles. "One thing to keep in mind, Rox, is that a lot of these questions should be more properly directed at him. I'm technically just the Council's liaison to Nine Swords.

[Oxara]: Sure, I’ll try to keep it in mind. Let’s start then! For how long have you been part of Nine Swords and, more generally, of the secret world?

[Floryn]: I arrived here in London in late December 2013. I felt kind of lost and looked for a group to call home. I quickly found a flyer for Nine Swords at the Post Office and well, the rest is history.

[Hit-Parade]: I was recruited by the Templars in April 2012. I was kept pretty busy from the moment I finished training, I don't think I spent more than ten days consecutively in Ealdwic until spring of '14. When I joined the Paladins, my mentor there suggested I look into the Nine Swords, so I did, and they recruited me in June 2014. Russell shrugs. The rest is history.

[Oxara]: Quite impressive! I feel like a fresher now…

[Oxara]: We know that Floryn was, until recently, leader of the Advancement & Discipline division. What about you Russ? When you were part of the cabal, before you joined the Council, did you have any executive position?

[Hit-Parade]: I didn't, no. I did some work as a cabal recruiter and as a liaison with the Temple's other cabals, but I had no hand in policymaking.

[Oxara]: Oh, you were a recruiter? Ok!

[Oxara]: Well, let’s move back to Floryn. Could you please tell us what made you change? And why this division?

[Floryn]: Mm, well, Jodie (editor’s note: former Rapier Division’s leader) and I always had a good working relation. I helped her out with tasks and stuff, so I got to know the Rapier Division quite well, without actually being a part of it.

[Floryn]: I did like the Dussack Division, make no mistake about that. But somehow, the Rapier Division has always had a special place in my heart, and it only felt natural to move there when Jodie left.

[Oxara]: Thanks for the explanations! What's your plans for the Rapier division now? And Russ, which role will you play in this new organisation?

[Floryn]: For one thing, we want to strengthen our relations with the Council, that's why we are glad Russ could join us in the role that he has.

[Hit-Parade]: Well, the Council asked me to liaise with the Nine Swords specifically. And because the Rapier Division was my home during my time with the Templars, that means I'll be working closely with Floryn. Both the Temple and the Sunken Library [editor’s note: the Council of Venice’s headquarters] will benefit from the Nine Swords prospering, and moving forward with clear purpose.

[Floryn]: As for the cabal, we would like its members to have an even better understanding of each other. What are others’ backgrounds? What makes them tick? If people know each other better, they usually get to work together better too.

[Hit-Parade]: Russell nods in agreement. Exactly. And figuring out that clear purpose for the cabal, planning and implementing ways to pursue it, determining where the cabal's strengths and helping to shore up its weaknesses.

[Floryn]: Another thing we would like to dust is our internal communication system. When people are recruited into Nine Swords, they are given a headset but no one ever seems to use it. Channel 9 should be an active channel.

[Oxara]: A headset? What do you mean?

[Floryn]: There, that's what I mean. Some people don't even remember getting one. *shakes head wearily*

[Oxara]: Please forgive me, I just came back from a six-month report shooting on the Solomon Island.

[Floryn]: Yeah, the excuses I've heard.

[Oxara]: Hum. Well. Which measures will you implement to achieve this goal you talked about?

[Hit-Parade]: What do you have in mind? Russell asks her curiously.

[Oxara]: Well, how will you help Nine Swords' members to get to know each other? Will you organise events where people meet? Or coaching sessions to help people get a better understand of themselves?

[Floryn]: That is a possibility yes, although people seem really busy with carrying out orders these days.

[Hit-Parade]: I think it's safe to say we'd be interested in organising those things, yes.

[Floryn]: *nods in agreement with Russ* People seem to lose themselves when they are working on too many things at a time. It can be helpful telling others about oneself and in that way getting back to one’s roots.

[Floryn]: It works both ways. People get to know themselves again – hopefully even better, and better understand what moves a person or why people behave the way they do.

[Hit-Parade]: We already sponsor a support group every Tuesday (editor’s note: the Tuesday Night RP events). It's ostensibly for folks trying to acclimate to the secret world, but many of the cabal's members make a point of attending.

[Floryn]: Yes, the Tuesday support group is quite successful, so we set up another one on Saturday afternoons (editor’s note: the…Saturday Afternoon RP events!).

[Hit-Parade]: That one hasn't been very well advertised, I'll admit, so it's not well-attended at present.

[Hit-Parade]: In some ways, that's just as well right now. Yuri Bahana (editor’s note: Yuriksha’s character) and I have been using that time to work on an investigation. But it's something we need to expand on soon.

[Floryn]: *checks time, then tries to yawn inconspicuously*

[Oxara]: Please forgive me, I've been filming a report on the Solomon Island for a while.

[Hit-Parade]: Russle takes note of Floryn's oh-so-subtle yawn, and chuckles.

[Oxara]: Is it so late already? Ok! Well, I won't keep your attention much longer, I’m very grateful for your help today! Good night!

Editor’s note: many thanks to Floryn and Hit-Parade for volunteering for this very special interview. Hope you all had fun!

Festive Screenshot Competition

Swords, we know you all love taking screenshots – you don’t all just do it to appease Kate! We want to see your best festive screenshots over the coming weeks so that we can hand out some prizes!


Enter your screenshot here and The Sword’s Edge team will pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner (to be announced in our January edition on the 9th January). For rules, prizes and more information, check out the link!

Sam Krieg

Fabulous Fiction

Our team here at The Swords Edge are looking for Swords who really love writing who would like to send us a teaser for any upcoming The Secret World based fiction they are writing – or perhaps even a synopsis prior to a new event you are thinking of running in game or via our forums. Fancy yourself as the next Sam Krieg? Then send us your writing and let us have a read!

Lupus Magnus. A Nine Swords tale - Chapter 4

For previous episodes of this tale, click here

Part 1 - “No survivors”

That changed everything. Orochi presence meant that what they’d thought was just an awkward attempt at bioterrorism made by a motley of semi-professional thugs suddenly involved what could probably be considered the most ominous corporate entity in the world. And Orochi didn’t deal in “awkward”. They sometimes dealt in “awkwardly deadly” but never in purely “awkward”. They didn’t waste their time on things that had no potential to make millions and usually the potential to make billions worth of damages.

Kate’s mind raced as it was flooded with the possible repercussions of what they had just learned. She tried to remain calm and weigh all possible option. Her people were waiting for orders and she couldn’t let them down. She wouldn’t let them down. She was a part of Nine Swords and Nine Swords always fulfilled their duty, no matter what it took.

“Alright, Swords” she said calmly but decidedly over the radio. “If the Eight-Headed Snake is involved, that means that this is much bigger than we thought. We have no idea of what we would have to face if we went in right now so we are going to wait and see how the situation develops. All teams remain at your designated positions and observe the compound. ‘Fist’, you are in an advantageous position so keep one agent focused on the target while the rest survey the area. I’m counting on your keen eyes, Marlo. I’ve had enough surprises for one day. Questions?” There was no response. “Good! Stay sharp, Swords!” she finished.

“Bloody Orochi!” Blue grumbled under his breath as positioned himself against a rock. He reached for his binoculars and started scanning the hill’s vicinity. “It was all going so well but no! We had to get a portion of pain in the backside made in China!” he muttered loud enough for his companions to hear. “You know they’re mostly Japanese, right?” Oxara nestled herself on a fallen tree trunk to watch her part of the area. “Potayto, potahto!” came a vexed response. “I think you meant ‘Tomayto, to…” she started but she broke off when a dessicated piece of tree bark flew past her cheek. “Point taken!” she said with a smile and focused on the task at hand. Marlo remained silent. He was no longer smiling, concentrated on the image he was seeing in the scope of his sniper rifle. From the moment he had noticed the first Orochi agent emerging from the shadows his cross-hair had not left the agents helmet. Marlo remembered the story of Damocles and started wondering if the sword would fall this time. Or rather, all nine of them.

“Well that’s… unexpected” said Floryn checking and double-checking his grenade launcher. The entirety o the compound was well within its range. “On the one hand you’re right, but on the other… Is it really?” asked Anta “They have their slimy tentacles in thousands of shady places, so why not here as well?”. “True” he answered and nodded his head thoughtfully. Sonno had been listening, looking at her shotgun with pride “I don’t care whether it is a surprise or not” she smiled beastly. “I just want to know if I get to shoot any of the bastards!”.

“Any thoughts on what they might be doing here?” asked Abe. “Hard to tell” Kate responded “It obviously has something to do with the virus, but what? The most apparent reason would be to steal it from the Phoenicians but, as you know, nothing is straightforward when it comes to Orochi” she looked at her companions with a sad smile dancing on her lips. “That’s true” chimed in Mel. “They could be after the virus to steal it, destroy it or maybe they just want to upset the Phoenicians’ applecart”. Her team-mates laughed quietly at that last remark. “Whatever their reasons may be, all we can do at this moment is to wait” said Katelin.

And so they waited. Time passed and the wind howled lazily from time to time as if it couldn’t be bothered to do its job properly. The Swords observed as the Orochi agents Marlo had noticed took out the last of Phoenician guards and quickly entered one of the buildings. Judging from their behaviour, their colleauges must have already infiltrated the compound when the remaining guards were disposed off. “They’re not playing around” whispered Mel and Kate nodded. “That means that when we hit them, we hit them hard. No hesitation.” “They certainly aren’t showing any” murmured Abe.

“They’re coming out” Marlo’s voice broke the radio silence. “It looks like they are waiting for the warehouse door to open”. All three teams tensed in anticipation. Blue and Oxara relocated from their posts in order to cover the target area. Floryn aimed his grenade launcher at the warehouse. Just in case, of course.

The big sliding door leading into the warehouse opened and a group of men in Orochi uniforms dragged a trolley with a big metal vat on it. It must have been extremely heavy as the men pushed and pulled it with visible strain. When the trolley left the warehouse, they started to move it towards a clear area right next to the main gate.

“I’ve counted twelve in total” transmitted Marlo. “I think that’s all of them” responded Mellified “That would make them three of their standard four-man sections.” Anta’s was the next voice on their frequency “Furthermore, look at the body language of the ones that aren’t moving that container. They’re relaxed. They’re not suspecting any trouble. That probably means that they have completed their main objective so their whole team is probably right there.” “Probably, but stay focused” ordered Kate “They still need to transport it out of here and I don’t see any…” she broke off as the sound of rotor blades slashing through the air reached them. “Orochi aircraft incoming!” Oxara’s voice sounded on the radion “ETA: Two minutes!”.

“Covering the grenade launcher!” said Floryn and Anta nodded in approval. Choosing spots easy to hide in was a standard Nine Swords’ practice, no matter what the situation. Bringing a camouflage net on the mission was good thinking on Flo’s side and everybody appreciated it. The falling darkness should make it very difficult to spot them but none of them wanted to take risks when they could avoid them.

“Bogey entering firing range” reported Blue “Target locked. I can roast this bird whenever you want it, Kate. Just say the word”. “Understood” responded Kate and her mind focused on analysing the situation. The helicopter was coming to transport the vat. Whatever it was, letting the Orochi Group have it would not yield good results. Katelin sighed quietly. She had led her people here to learn about their enemy’s activities and gather intelligence - not to battle the nexus of the most powerful companies in the world, but, as the old saying goes… “You play the cards you’re dealt” thought Kate bittersweetly.

“ETA: One minute!” Oxara reminded dutifully. “Alright, people, listen up!” Kate’s voice was clear, her tone decided. “Whatever they’ve got there, we need to get it. And they’re not going to let us have it without a fight. We need to hit them hard and we need to hit them fast. They will probably figure out it was us who attacked them but I’d prefer it they did that later rather then sooner.” “So, no survivors?” asked Mel coldly. “No survivors” confirmed her leader as the noise of the approaching helicopter became deafening.

9S is recruiting

Looking to join a Templar Cabal?

Nine Swords is an active Templar Cabal in The Secret World. Our cabal is continually searching for fun team players to join us in experiencing everything that The Secret World has to offer us. If you are interested in joining Nine Swords, click the JOIN 9S link on the left side of our website!

TSW in the real world

The Real Secret World: by Floryn

A lot of things in the Secret World are based on actual stories, events, art, etcetera. The Real Secret World will highlight one of the things you can see in the Secret World and tell you something about it’s origin in the real world.

Today’s highlight is a painting that (amongst others) can be found in the Temple Club.

Calais Pier (1803) by Joseph Mallord William Turner

The packet boat is arriving at Calais, full of passengers. The heavy swell and storm clouds dominate the scene. The sun breaks through to touch the sail. The shaft of light from the sun down to the sea forms the centre of the composition.

Turner's picture is based on a real-life event. In 1802 he took his first trip abroad via Calais. On a sketch or this picture he noted that the seas had been so rough he was 'nearly swampt'.

The picture was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1803. Like a number of Turner's pictures it was not well received, and was thought unfinished in the foreground.


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