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Issue 34: 9th March 2019 - Forged in fire, tempered through wisdom, sharpened by resolve.

After an inventory filled February - heading into March we have so far seen things getting back into "normal" day to day business in Nine Swords. However, we are incredibly concerned at the lack of forewarnings and advice from Temple Hall given that Funcom has re-unleashed beasts of squealing rolling terror on the world. Quite a few of our members have spent many hours on Rubi-Ka prior to coming over to our Secret World - and though Nine Swords are not planning on forming an official group there, we understand our role in this community to warn you against impending threats!!

Those squealing rolling terrors need an arrow to the knee, Go for the eyes, Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! and above all - stick 'em with the pointy end. 

For those not seeking adventures on Rubi-Ka, we are certain to have lots going on as always in Nine Swords here in Secret World Legends. Right now we have a 3month plan going with a group of members who have shown interest in progressing to E10 New York Raid, the date has been set for Cabal Pride 6, prize collecting has been started mainly by HolloPoint for Megaversary .. and following our competition in February, DigitalWraith is working with the winners from the competition to create artwork for our submission to this years Year Book that Caerfinon is producing. 

As always, Swords - if you want to get involved in ANYTHING going on in the cabal simply speak with our leaders, or turn up, roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. 

See you in game!

~ Katelin


Cabal Pride SIX!

Our preliminary planning for Cabal Pride 6 is underway and we have a date penciled in on our calendars. We will be aiming for Saturday May the 4th 2019. This years theme will be:


Bee one of us!
- be involved - be a team - be connected -

Our goal is to draw on the togetherness of our community. In addition, we want cabal pride to be a stepping stone towards Megaversary. 

Detailed information about how cabals can sign up along with timings will be published within the next month. If you are reading this and want to have a chat about Cabal Pride and getting your cabal involved, please feel free to contact Yuriksha or Katelin!


New York Raid - Progression Groups

Mayday has been driving an initiative via our Event Planning forum to ascertain which of our members are interested in reaching their 1k IP in order to then commence training for New York Raid E10. We have been steamrollering the Story Mode, E1 and E5 versions for quite a while now - so aiming for higher goals has sparked lots of interest from members who are already above 1k IP and those who are within arms reach. 

The plan to reach our common goal has 2 parts to it - 

Part 1

The first part of the plan which has already been running throughout February was to find out which members are interested in participating in the NYR-E10 Raid within the next two to three months and help get them ready. These members did not need to be currently E10 geared but reasonably close, 800+.  Mayday stressed that it is important that those members have some idea or plan of what they need to work on. People without a plan but who speak up get help figuring that out - so we all win in the end!! 

Events specifically aimed at helping those members gear up, or attain goals have been set up and will continue to be scheduled.

Part 2

The second part of our plan, is to continue finding people who are willing to team with us. We feel very fortunate that we have some incredibly lovely people outside of Nine Swords who raid with us frequently and that we learn together! On top of that, of course we are recruiting! If anyone is reading this and looking for a cabal that is working towards E10 New York Raids - apply to join Nine Swords! 


Today in cabal chat we were discussing how there is so little that holds interest for some of our members who are at the end of the Storyline missions and feel that everything is a grind to get more, more and then a few more distillates. Finding a goal, and working to achieve it together has certainly sparked something in this group of Nine Swords members - and it is incredibly positive to see!

If you are interested in joining our training runs, sign up in the Noticeboard forum! If you have a different goal you would like to work towards - speak up in our event planning forum area. We want you to have fun too!! 


Daylight saving time incoming again!

Many of you are by now fully versed in how to use our website and of course, how to set up your forum profile. We always have a few people around this time of year though who stumble and fall when it comes to the times shown on our website and calendar. The fact is, since we launched this new website - you only have to set up your website profile time ONCE and then it automatically updates for you each summer / winter time change. 

If you are not sure if you have your time set up correctly, or need some pointers to get you started - head over to our internal directive called Your 9S Website Profile. While you are there, don't forget to add an image of yourself if you didn't already so that our roster has more of your pixel faces in it!! 


Caption This!

For March we will be running a "caption this" competition based on this lovely screenshot. Be creative, be funny! All entries submitted in this post here will then be submitted to a vote that our members will all get to participate in. The winner will get their hands on a Rocket-Powered Hoversled (Thank you LeMort!). All 9S members are very welcome to enter!


You are encouraged to spread the word in our cabal chat that this competition is running, and of course.. encourage your friends in the cabal to vote on your entry!!


Nine Swords Monster Hunting

As our most active 9S Monster Hunting run organiser, one of our members asked what happens when I hit all my monster hunting achievements - honestly, I didn't plan on stopping. But I do need to know what you all need to hunt! 

Each scheduled hunt, I link you to our monster hunting spreadsheet and very often ask for you all to request which target we are going for. Fill out the hunting spreadsheet and once enough of you are looking for similar things, we can aim to get groups together who are after the same targets and increase how productive we are!! 

The monster hunting runs are currently held on Monday evenings (GMT) for 45mins each week. Occasionally ad-hoc sessions are run during the week too.  If you cannot make this time, then all the more reason to use the spreadsheet and then we can also hunt out people who have a similar playtime to you too. 

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge will be on the 9th April 2019 - see you then!!