The Sword's Edge

Issue 41: 9th January 2020  - Forged in fire, tempered through wisdom, sharpened by resolve.

We have a whole new decade stretching before us and it is ready for the taking. So, it is with enormously happy hearts that we wish you all a wonderful 2020! We are not the only ones that cannot wait to see what we get up to this year. 

In this months issue, we are going to take a look back at what we achieved in Nine Swords over the last year, our pain and suffering (haha), the fun and the time we spent together. Some members took the time to contact us in preparation for this issue to share their reasons with us as to why they are still enjoying their time in Nine Swords and what their hopes are for this coming year. 

Enjoy reflecting on our past year, take time out if you can for yourself and spend time with your family and loved ones. 

Happy New Year,

Katelin and DigitalWraith
Your "The Sword's Edge" team

Nine Swords in 2019

Even when things happened ONLY a year ago.. it is nice to take a trip down memory lane! We hope you enjoy this look back on 2019 in Nine Swords. 


January 2019 was again run in with a wonderful New Year Museum and Reception Tour, organised by Yuriksha and Hosted by Mayday. 

The events calendar in January 2019 only missed ONE day of scheduled events! How did we have that much time to do so much?! The end of January was filled with a multi-day event by DirtyBliss where we played "Catch me if you can!" 

On top of those amazing social events, Phanth ran the "Test Your IP Against Ip Man's IP" Competition. The concept was to see who could gain the most IP in the couple of weeks that the competition ran for. Lots of prizes were won and masses of IP was gained. It was a really successful event and likely why the calendar was so full of things for the whole month! 


February continued to be stuffed full to the brim with PvE activities. 


The practice runs for New York Raid E10 got into full swing in March 2019. 


2019 was definitely the year of PvE stuff- April was when Phanth pushed us with our builds with another competition. The Show Me Your Build competition pitted us against each other by those taking part showing their best pure-dps build and everyone else had a chance to beat it with the same weapon combo. We did this against World Bosses during our weekly summonings.


Cabal Pride 6 was held in May 2019. Cabal Pride is a cabal recruitment event for all SWL cabals to participate in, and of course for all members of our SWL community to come along to and hopefully find a place to call home. The event is a lot of fun every year, and we will definitely be starting planning for the next one as we approach spring this year. 


June was once again MEGAVersary- a community event celebrating Secret World Legends anniversary. We had a lot of fun hosting events, as well as getting involved with other events that the community ran. It was a really successful event and we are incredibly thankful that Hollopoint invested so much time into making it very very special again in 2019! 


July was pretty quiet, just our usual PvE activities - but after such a busy and packed first half of the year.. I think we can be forgiven for just getting on and teaming! 

August & September

In August and September we picked up the pace a bit more with a second NY Raid practice slot in the week for E10. 


October was verging on insane amount of activity - on top of the "normal" PvE activities, we had three weeks of Career Event workshops and sessions led by our 9S leadership team. Arrcaeus also kicked off the fortnightly Shambala PvP Power Hour(s).


In November, we had a massive participation in the  9S Achievement Extravaganza. Lots of achievement points gained, and prizes given out to members who gained the most points!


December settled back down to our normal PvE activities, as we knew we needed to save some energy for collecting scarves! Many Winter Champions, Hel instances, and Seasonal Activities were completed during December. Hoping we all now have our event achievements so we can put our feet up next Christmas hehe! 

We are Nine Swords! 

It cannot be said enough - our members make our cabal so special. That is why this last month, I have been asking some of our members if they remembered why they decided to join Nine Swords and why they are still log in! I also asked them what their favourite memories were from this past year and if they have any wishes for 2020 that they wanted to share with us...

Kell Hound
I was at my wits end with the content available to me. I had treated this mmo as a single player game and it had been fun, but obviously I was missing out on tons of stuff. Joining an active and inexperienced player friendly organization was the obvious next step. My favourite memory in this past year was my
first time getting into a cabal event, a NY raid. Being able to try things with a well coordinated group for the first time was eye-opening. My wishes for 2020 - More cowbell. 
Why I joined Nine-Swords is most probably because it is one of the best Cabals in the game. I was prominent in another Cabal but had some rather uncomfortable times there towards its degrading fall from grace, so I really needed to change, Nine-Swords was it for me. Not sure about my favourite memories, probably it's more the behind the scenes stuff I've been trying to do, promo pictures/artistic things. I'm not the most active person in the Swords but, I do what I'm reasonably good at and enjoy, animations and the like. For Nine-Swords for the Future (For the Future! my favourite phrase lol) I can only wish us all the best, to stay strong and be a good example for others, those that have fallen due to the game being under resourced and those who have lost heart with Funcom. We can only hope... For the Future!
I blame bOOgied for everything !! I blame him for recruiting me, for introducing me to 9S and for helping me get to know nice and kind people! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't get so much help with this and that and have so much fun when doing dungs, lairs, scenarios, killing bosses and and and!! 
I enjoy it to be in the cabal and it is a wonderful thing to get help and to give help as two complementary things. Representing all those who have helped and supported me. Thank you Kate and thank you 9S. It's so cool with you all.
I chose Nine Swords because I wanted to find a cabal that was active and patient with learning. I stayed because this is the best cabal I've been in, in this game (I've been in a few). Everyone is very supportive, and friendly. And we kill all kinds of stuff together. My main favourite memories of this last year was r
unning many dungies together, and the weekly regionals. But my favorite, is levelling to e10 and being able to participate in the NY Raid e10 raid. This next year, I want to learn to tank, and when I get better at it, maybe join the PVE division.
At first i mostly soloed everything. I got to a level in which I could not get much higher without joining a cabal, so I started to do some research on just the right cabal for me and found Nine Swords. I wanted a Cabal with friendly members that have been around a good while and would be around for a much longer time. I don't like changing cabals. Once i choose one that I like, I plan to be there a long time. 
There are several great memories from 2019 for me. My favorite is the Monster Hunts with Kate and Dur. Then there where the Lairs and Dungeons the cabal was doing, some were hilarious. Also hob nobing with Phanth about builds and tactics was a lot of fun. I am what i am today because of Phanths instructional conversations.
My Wishes for 2020 in Nine Swords - I would love to see Nine Swords to grow. I would love to watch Nine Swords whip the Lurker in NYR E10 on a regular basses. I would love to see Nine Swords working together on getting everyone to get achievements in all E10 dungeons. I love to see lots of Nine Swords Group Activities. 
All the while building my character to be the best he can be is work... But playing in Nine Swords and having fun together is worth all that work.
Thank you for allowing me to play with the best Cabalies in the Game.
I chose Nine Swords because of their community activity, scheduled events, and longevity/stability. I stay because of the wonderful people who I have fun with, from joking about Kel's no-pants to laughing at our derps doing raids, Nine Swords feels like family.
So many good times this last year that it's hard to choose a favourite memory! I would say the Scavenger Hunt with fellow cabal members. Great time working together to find everything and everyone worked so hard but still time to share a laugh. This is what a cabal is about! For this next year, I wish that we keep rocking through 2020! And that the Lurker learns to fear us in E10!

I struggled finding stuff to do alone so I wanted some help. Among all the cabals looking for people 9S seemed to be acting in manner that felt good for me. They were helpful and patient with new people. They acted the way I would like to be treated by a friend and the same way I would like to guide others. No brainer asking to join. My favourite part about this last year, is that even though
I really haven't been here very long I made a few friends I think. My wishes for 2020 in Nine Swords -  More friends to play with. More active people supporting each other getting to higher levels. More activities. And I wanna do that successful E10 NYR with 9swords as well!
I was absolutely harrassed into joining by bOOgied and Ceilidaer and Arrcaeus!
I'm still here because I see a future for Nine Swords that continues to develop our reputation and it feels good to help represent us. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Shambala events that we ran in 2019. They put us on everyone's radar as a community driven cabal. For the future, I'd like to see more members geared up and comfortably trained for endgame activities like NYR E10 and very high OD waves and E10 dungeons.


Got ideas?

Lots of ideas were shared in our hopes for 2020, but we know that doesn't mean that all ideas have been exhausted! If you have an idea, post it in our tasks forum area. It is a great place to also visit to see what ideas other people have come up with and join in the discussion.  A step better than discussion is bringing an idea to life and ensuring our year is even more full than the last one of really fun and interesting events. 

Don't be shy, (sei dabei!) Get involved! 

Letters to Santa-Swords

There was such an INCREDIBLE and very positive response to the concept behind Santa Swords, that I wasn't expecting it to end up the way it did… but after talking to so many of you, it honestly touched my heart and I have to share it here. Certainly has been a lesson learned.

The quantity and quality of the gifts offered for the event, was unbelievable. So many of you were so generous! More generous than I could have wished for - even with one member who stopped playing the game, coming back to make sure that their present could be forwarded to its recipient. I felt grateful and confident that we were headed into a really great event. The first hurdles of it working out were surpassed with the willingness from so many of you to give.

We kind of fell down at the asking for things though. I assumed at the start of the event that people were waiting to see if even better things, or specific items would be added as I had made it clear that additional gifts may be added over the course of the event. But at the end of the event on the 24th of December - only 3 members had written a letter. I really honestly didn't understand… so I asked in cabal chat at different times, and also got in touch with a few people. You all said almost the same thing - you didn't want to write a letter for something that someone else could use more, or you didn't want to ask for something when you would be able to get your own hands on it. The only other explanation was that people don't use the forums and didn't see the event running.

What ever combination of reasons were behind the letter writing not being as successful as the gift giving, I am thankful to each and everyone of you that did take part. And I hope that those who wrote letters already received their gifts!

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge...

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge will be released on the 9th of February - see you then!