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Issue 43: 9th March 2020 - Forged in fire, tempered through wisdom, sharpened by resolve.

Welcome to the forty-third issue of The Sword's Edge. This month has been full of our normal amounts of PvE activities, as well as Honing the Blades workshops. Within the workshops we have kicked off Cabal Pride 7 planning, and are hoping to also get Megaversary 3 planning also underway by the end of this week. 

As is usual at this time of year - please remember to consider Daylight Savings changes if you are scheduling events, or planning on attending them. Assuming your website profiles are up to date, the website will automatically correct the event times for you in the detailed event view. I am not the best person to get advice from about time-zones and daylight savings.. ask Google instead *winks*

To end our month, we have unfortunately had 2 of our leaders step down and say goodbye to the cabal and SWL. I am sure you will join with us in thanking Mayday and Sam515, as well as wishing them both all the best in their respective posts here: .

Thank you all for taking the time to read this months issue of our Newsletter!

~ Katelin 

Thank you, Mayday and Sam515

If you had the opportunity to read our internal forums yesterday, we received some sad news for Nine Swords. Two of our leaders, Sam515 and Mayday have said good bye and thus also stepping down as leaders. I would especially like to thank them for all the great work, positivity and structure they have brought to their respective divisions and to Nine Swords in general. An online organization lives and breathes through fluctuation both in people and in activity. As such, I wish them the best for finding a good new home online. For Nine Swords, it's also both a challenge as well as an opportunity.
Mayday organized a lot of the day to day PvE activities, from raids to lair boss carnage, all the way to regular dungeon runs. Also never to be forgotten will be Yuri's tour of her museum, which was pretty much completely restored to glory before some of us even started the effort of buying the necessary pedestals.
Sam did what I thought impossible and brought a working activity check for the cabal into the mess that is Secret World Legends' information displays. I already fear how we stand any chance of keeping up with that in the future.
Both of you will be missed, but as always... don't be a stranger, and if you feel like dropping by in our corner of the Secret World, we'll all be happy for a reunion every now and then.
How we'll be able to fill this hole in the cabal's structure, only the future can really tell. This is part of the opportunity opening up now. With the right people stepping up, it's a great time to take on new responsibilities. As always, Nine Swords will strive to be a highly active, positive and non-drama place to have fun in.
~ Durendal

Honing the Blades

Honing the Blades started a week ago, and has another week of scheduled events on our Calendar. The events aim to share information, knowledge and encourage discussion and participation. So far the participation group has been relatively small, but dedicated - up until Saturday, where we had a lively discussion with 10 Nine Swords members brainstorming ideas for Cabal Pride 7. Perhaps this reflects that the timing of the events has not been perfect. Nevertheless, we will continue as planned into this next week. 


We still have lots happening for Honing the Blades - it is NOT too late to get involved! 

If you are interested in coming along, make sure to check the calendar for the workshops we have planned for next week, as well as the Brainstorming session we have next Saturday for Megaversary 3! 

Challenge - Nine Swords Knowledge Base

One of the most pragmatic characters we have met in our Secret World is likely Moose.

"I’ve met recruiters for the Templars, Illuminati and the Dragon. They all seem to think I’d make a useful operative. I tell them I take no sides, and that I’d be little use to them. But the “united against darkness” thing I can get behind. We’re all in this together…and we all got work to do."

His attitude about us all being in this together, and being united is something that shines in Nine Swords. And it has definitely been a common theme in the workshops we have held together so far this year, as well as over the years we have been a cabal.

A discussion that came up this last week was about our 9S Knowledge base and about sharing the knowledge we have there further than just within the cabal. For us to be able to do this we need to do some serious time investing. So - here is the call to arms! If we have any Swords interested in taking up the challenge that is our Nine Swords Knowledge Base, now is the time! 

Get in touch with Katelin to discuss how you can get involved, and how you can make a massive difference to what Nine Swords is contributing to our community! 

Nine Swords - Dynamic Duo Competition!

Slightly underwhelming amount of entries - but that could only be good for our 2 Duo's that took part. It meant they could only win something!!

Congratulations to:

- 1st Prize - a pair of Nemain Signets:  AssCobra and xxSnowwhitexx
- 2nd Prize - a pair of Sprints: bOOgied and Ceilidaer 

Please trade with me when you see me, and I will happily give you your prizes! 

Cabal Pride 7

Planning is underway for Cabal Pride 7. If you want to get involved in deciding what we are doing, please head over to this thread here: click

The theme is pretty much decided on, and potential dates for the event. There are however always lots of things to do in the run up to the day, and on the day. Anyone in the cabal is welcome to comment in the thread, and offer to take on tasks. 

Cabal Pride 7 - Outfit Competition

Tradition (has to be a tradition after so many years!!) states that we need to have a competition for our potential outfit choice for Cabal Pride this year. Therefore, we are launching it TODAY!

Create our look for Cabal Pride

There is nothing more awesome to show your affiliation to something, than to wear a uniform / an outfit that matches with everyone else in the cabal. Therefore - we are challenging you all, Swords - to again create an outfit for our cabal for Cabal Pride.

The important bits -

Entries are limited to 1 per member.

The competition will run from March 9th to noon GMT on March 29th 

Voting will be open for all cabal members from noon GMT on March 29th to the 8th April May 2020
The WINNING outfit creator will be awarded 100,000 MoF as a prize!
(as well as us all wearing their awesome outfit!)

How to enter:

Head over to this thread! And post your entry. 

Your entry should include: A Screenshot of your suggestion, and listing of what clothing items it is. 

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge...

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge will be released on the 9th of April - see you then!