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Issue 5: January 9th, 2016 - In Ferro Veritas

A very happy New Year from The Sword's Edge team! This months issue is absolutely packed full - but we start with an important message from our JollySwagMan.

Don’t forget about me, the grumpy shopkeeper JollySwagMan and my emporium of (only slightly used) swap items. Free up your inventory space and help your fellow cabal members by donating your duplicate clothing and seasonal items. Just send an in-game message to JollySwagMan attaching your things and I may lovingly sort them into unsightly piles. You can also request items (no donation necessary) in this thread.

Winners of our Festive Screenshot Competition

In last months "The Sword's Edge" we invited members of Nine Swords to submit Festive Screenshots for our Festive Screenshot competition. The voting ended yesterday - and therefore, we are very happy to announce the winners and their prizes in this months issue of our newsletter!! Each winner will receive PAX, something from our cabal bank and also the pick of a game to activate via Steam from our very generous Prosper01! (Thank you again Prosper for providing such cool prizes for us to give away).

So.. without further ado - our winners

    • 1st Prize: Terrapax (Hominbus) - you win 1m PAX from cabal bank, 2 single items from cabal bank, first choice of a game from a list from Prosper01
    • 2nd Prize: Floryn - you win 750k from cabal bank, 2 single items from cabal bank, second choice of a game from a list from Prosper01
    • 3rd Prize: Antanahe - you win 500k from cabal bank, 1 single item from cabal bank, third choice of a game from a list from Prosper01
    • 4th Prize: Saunabath- you win 250k from cabal bank, 1 single item from cabal bank, fourth choice of a game from a list from Prosper01

You can find the originally submitted screenshots here

Katelin will be in touch with the winners directly via forum PM to help you claim your prizes!

9S and the Festive Season events

Nine Swords got stuck straight into the Festive Season over December through to the first week of January and had a lot of fun doing so! There were some epically long runs of helping people learn NM Niflheim - this was certainly helped by many members collecting the required items to fulfill the spawning process. Our cabal bank looked very red full of those stacks of items. These items are now going to be held by not-always-so-grumpy-as-he-tries-to-make-us-believe-he-is, JollySwagMan. There were also lots of runs going on where our members were working on achievements together in Xibalba and in the library in Venice.

Another hugely positively received part of the festivities was getting the community involved in our Super Hel spawnings! Especially the backing singers when we ended up with bugged (though not attackable) extra Super Hels spawning out of nowhere. This certainly got a lot of attention on Twitter!!

Thank you to all Nine Swords members who were able to join in during the festive season.. and for those of you that didn't get a chance to log in, don't forget to take a look at which social items you can request from JollySwagMan!

As a nice ending to the holiday season, many members of Nine Swords came along to The Secret Buzz fashion show in London to support Katelin and Floryn who both entered the competition. It is great to see so many of our members coming along to social events!


SWORD to the Wise

This section is where Marlo imparts some words to the wise. Sword style. For this issue of The Sword's Edge: Build synergies!

The most powerful builds in TSW are builds that take advantage of synergies between active and passive skills. Synergies can be made out of different attack types, taking advantage of your stats or different state you can put the mob in or a mix of all of them.

    Sub type of skills: focus, frenzy, chain, blast and strike
    Type of hit/heal: penetrating, critical, block, defense (glancing hits) and evade.
    States: afflicted, impaired, weakened and hindered.

As an example I will use a build that take advantage of frenzy attack, penetration and the afflicted state.

    Actives: blade Torrent, Clearing the Path
    Passives: bloodsport, leeching frenzy, sudden return, iron maiden, gross anatomy.

This build have blade torrent as builder which is a frenzy attack and will activate leeching frenzy. Bloodsport will afflict your target, making gross anatomy and iron maiden trigger. It will also trigger the special effect on Clearing the Path giving it an increased chance for it to pen on afflicted targets. The extra pen chance from Clearing the Path together with iron maiden will give you more chances of triggering the passive sudden return to deal more damage.

This is just a short example of what you can do with a build, to learn more make sure you have advanced ability descriptions turned on for the ability wheel and use the search option to discover more.

If there is anything you want me to write about in the next The Sword’s Edge please let me know by contacting me in game or here in our forums!


Interview with Antanahe.

This month’s interviewee is Antanahe, new leader of Mission Control Division!

[Oxara]: Let's start with a few words about you as a (proud) Nine Swords member. For how long have you been playing and when did you join the cabal?

[Antanahe]: I started playing at the end of November 2014 and joined Nine Swords on January 9, 2015.

[Oxara]: Hey, January 9 is today! Happy birthday then :D!

[Antanahe]: Say rather congratulations to all of you for putting up with me for so long! But thank you, it's nice to find a cabal where it's possible to stay that long and still enjoy it.

[Oxara]: I'm sure everybody put up with you quite easily! Why did you choose Nine Swords by the way?

[Antanahe]: I was looking for a cabal, googled "tsw templar cabal" and 9S was the first result that popped up. I liked what I saw on the forum and applied.

[Oxara]: Do you think it was fate?

[Antanahe]: First impressions matter and the forum is one heck of a calling card when you are searching for a cabal. So, not so much fate as a very good PR from Kate & Durendal.

[Oxara]: It's quite amazing to have Nine Swords' website sorting first when you google it… :)

[Antanahe]: Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I'm sure Kate or Durendal have bribed Google so that search results are delivered that way.

[Oxara]: Who knows...? Let's go back to you and the MC Division! You're only 1-year old as a cabal member, and you're already a leader. Great job! Could you please tell us when and how it all happened?

[Antanahe]: I have no idea how it happened. I go on holidays, I come back and I'm asked if I want to join the leadership team. It really took me by surprise!

[Oxara]: That's quite a good surprise then!

[Antanahe]: Indeed. Even if it's only a game, it's nice that people notice you and think that you can bring good things to the group.

[Oxara]: And I'm sure you will! I must admit I'm quite ignorant about the Mission Control division. Could you please tell us a bit about it?

[Antanahe]: Mission Control is a sad division that was abandoned for a long time and was covered with dust when I took charge of it. Apart from being listed in our Division Overview, very few people know/ knew that it existed except as a name on a grid.

[Oxara]: You'll have to resort to cleaning skills then! And what will this division be all about?

[Antanahe]: I did some cleaning already and will probably get throat cancer from all the dust I swallowed. I asked Mellified (Advancement & Discipline Division) to send me all the members in need of discipline, so that they clean the rest of the office out. As for what we do... I'm not really sure myself LOL. I have no predecessor to ask and no one left me notes. So I'm finding my way as I go along. But as I see it, I'm the trainer.

[Oxara]: Behave young padawans!

[Antanahe]: I keep a lookout at what goes on in the cabal. I identify where and what our members are struggling with, and I set up training sessions and outings so that things go smoother. At the same time I'm also on the lookout for opportunities to work with Estoc Division so that we can organise community events, but that part is still sketchy at the moment.

[Oxara]: That’s interesting!

[Antanahe]: Basically we could say I look at what our members need and I coordinate with the other divisions to set up the events needed to meet those needs. I have a trial event going on related to farming Aegis in Tokyo, a run to farm AP/SP, and some other projects I should try to get going.

[Oxara]: Do you need some help to do that? If you were to recruit division members, what would be your criterion? And how could they help?

[Antanahe]: I don't have any special criteria regarding people who want to join the Mission Control division. Just that they be motivated either to organise an event or to come up with ideas of new ones. Mission Control touches every other division so it can be tricky to know which one it's up to to organise it, but we'll figure these things out as we go. The important part is that we get things going! Fill the Noticeboard up so that people no longer know which event to choose!

[Oxara]: I’m not sure Kate would agree on that :p. Shall we announce that recruitment is open then?

[Antanahe]: Recruitment is indeed open. I call upon all of our members that want to help organise things to let me know. Even if you only organise one event every week or month, that is a good thing and a first step.

[Oxara]: Did you hear that Niners? What are you waiting for! I'm done with the regular questions, do you want to add or develop something?

[Antanahe]: I have nothing to add. I just hope to get this division going and that our members will actively participate in organising things instead of passively waiting until it appears on the Noticeboard or is called out in cabal.

[Oxara]: And that’s a wrap! Thanks a lot Anta!

Kalashnikov Rifle

The Secret World in the Real World: by Floryn

A lot of things in the Secret World are based on actual stories, events, art, etcetera. The Real Secret World will highlight one of the things you can see in the Secret World and tell you something about it’s origin in the real world.

Kalashnikov rifle

A Kalashnikov rifle is any one of a series of automatic rifles based on the original design of Mikhail Kalashnikov. They are officially known in Russian as "Avtomat Kalashnikova" ("Kalashnikov's Automatic Gun"; Russian: Автома́т Кала́шникова), but are widely known as Kalashnikovs, AKs, or in Russian slang, as a "Kalash". They were originally manufactured in the Soviet Union, primarily by Izhmash, but these rifles and their variants are now manufactured in many other countries.

Lupus Magnus. A Nine Swords tale

For previous episodes of this tale, click here

Part 2 - "Time to finish this"

"Fire!" the order was short and crisp. Blue delicately pulled the trigger and his rocket launcher spewed fire in one infernal instant bathing the ground nearby with gray smoke. The rocket drive's flames contrasted sharply the slowly-darkening sky. The missile, firmly locked on its target, went in for the kill with deadly precision. What had been a piece of sophisticated technology worth millions and capable of mind-boggling feats of aeronautical prowess was reduced to a heap of twisted metal by a scorching sphere of fire. The aircraft defense systems registered the thread the second it was launched but there was no time for a response. Luckily for the pilots there was no time for pain either. By the time the wreck hit the ground well clear of the compound they were already dead.

"Alright, people!" Kate's voice slashed over the radio "One down, twelve to go!". A dry, heavy crack whipped through the air as an Orochi agent's head blossomed into an eerie cloud of crimson droplets that seem to float in the air for the briefest of moments, before following the corpse that crumble onto the ground. "Eleven" Marlo's calm voice seemed oddly out of place considering the circumstances.

It took them a few seconds, but Orochi training paired with a raw, primal survival instinct kicked in and the agents ran for cover. "Damn it!" cursed Oxara as her bullet missed her target. She quickly reloaded and focused again.

"Sword! Hammer! Advance! Floryn, cover us!" said Kate launching herself towards the entrance. Abe and Mel followed her hastily. In the corner of her eye she saw Anta and Sonno sprinting towards the gate as well. "Launching smoke!" rasped Flo and shot a smoke grenade at his companions' destination. "Gate clear for entry!" informed Oxara, the scope of her rifle quickly and methodically sweeping for hostiles. Marlo followed with "Confirmed". A few seconds later the immediate vicinity of the gate was covered in a thick shroud of smoke and 'Fist' made sure that no enemy could sneak up on their fellow Templars entering the compound.

"Sword in" reported Kate. "Hammer in" followed Anta. Both teams hid behind two buildings on the opposite sides of the road that led from the warehouse and out of the compound. "Launching drone" Blue tossed a small metallic ball into the air. The sliver sphere hovered in place for a few seconds, then darted down to circle the buildings below and escape into the night dodging bullets flying in its direction.

"Blue, report" said Kate. "Two behind the vat, I saw three entering the building right next to the vat. Couldn't see much more than that before the bullets started flying. I saw some of them run back into the big house so they're probably there. They've closed the door, though." Before Kate could respond, there was another loud crack. "Gotcha!" Oxi's voice full of satisfaction "Oh, sorry" there was a note of embarrassment in her tone "Only one vat guy left".

"Alright, 'Fist'. You make sure that whoever is in that warehouse stays there. We'll have to clear out the buildings. And Oxi, I won't be mad if you just happen to get that other guy." Kate smiled slightly. "Roger that" came a quick response. "Floryn, target that warehouse door with another smoke grenade. If they start anything while we're exposed, make sure they can't see anything" "Floryn smoke!" Flo's pride in that joke was clearly audible in his voice.

"Anta" Kate turned to one of her lieutenants "We'll do this as one unit. You and Sonno will cover our backs." Anta and the boom-sticker nodded. "Abe, you're on point. Mel and I will support you. We start with this one" the leader moved her head towards the building they were hiding behind "and we clear them until we have ten more bodies". She was about to continue but paused as a sound of a large-caliber shot permeated the air. "Kill stealer!" Oxi's pout was almost visible. "I think you meant 'Kill thief'" said Blue smugly. "Auu!" This time the tree-bark throw was spot on."

"As I was saying" Kate cleared her throat and continued " We clear them until we have ten more bodies. And Blue, while you're licking you wounds, point that rocket launcher on Floryn's target. Just in case".

Abe placed his rifle on his back, unsheathed his sword and un-holstered his pistol. Mel switched her weapon to a pair of slick, black handguns. Kate stuck with her assault rifle. As 'Sword' moved cautiously along the wall, Anta and Sonno traversed the road between them and their comrades in a few swift steps. Aberlour stopped at the building's corner. "Alright, time to finish this".

Written by ArcyCiern

Big Trouble in the South China Sea - Episode 1

Stunned and deafened by the cannon, Mellified was blown off the ramp by the back-wash and into the path of the endlessly spewing concrete that was turning this pristine reef off the Philippines into artificial Phoenician territory. As the liquid concrete spattered her body and spun her around, she saw that the mermaid Sirena had formed a loose arrowhead formation on the surface of the sea water in their pen beyond the building works. Falling downwards towards the centre of the vast vat of cement, it looked like she was going to end up entombed in the foundations of this man-made atrocity. Moving in (to her) silent slow motion she was able to remember the sequence of events that her led her to this sticky situation.

Written by Mellified


Our Estoc division are not the only ones who get stuck into planning events and seeking for us to get involved in things happening throughout the Secret World... though I have to say, we do get involved - and blow things up to incredible proportions when we can.


Aberlour has enlisted Nine Swords to provide a very cool prize for the Seollal/Lunar New Year Event happening in the first week of February. It's open to characters of all factions (the one last year was Dragon only). It is an RP event, but non-RPers are more than welcome to attend. DJ Drina will be hosting the event with Happy Tentacle Radio - and even though it means travelling to Seoul - we hope to see loads of Swords there!


If you have any ideas for large scale events that we can develop as a cabal and get our TSW community involved in, always feel free to contact Katelin and Antanahe. Our Estoc division and Mission Control division really are always looking for amazing and positive ways we can come together as a cabal and achieve fantastic things!

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge...

This is the end of Issue 5, Swords! We hope that you all enjoyed this very first issue of 2016!

As you may have noticed, we kept our promise of bringing even more content. Now that three new issues have been released, please send us your feedback so that we keep on improving The Sword’s Edge!

In your February issue, you are likely to find regular contents such as:

  • Screenshots,
  • Upcoming things to look for in terms of TSW content,
  • “Interview with…” by Oxara,
  • A new episode of “Lupus Magnus – A Nine Swords Tale” by ArcyCiern,
  • Fan fictions based on TSW,
  • “TSW in the real world” by Floryn,
  • “Sword to the Wise” by Marlolini,
  • Fresh news from our divisions.

Looking for good resolutions for this new year? Here are some ideas - why not join the Sword’s Edge team by sending a PM to Katelin or any other team member, or submit content such as screenshots, articles, graphics, short stories, poems and so on.

See you in February!