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Issue 62: 9th October 2022 - Forged in fire, tempered through wisdom, sharpened by resolve.

Welcome to this months issue of The Sword's Edge. We have been having fun in every which way possible this last couple of months - both in game with lots of different things going on, and out of game with the competitions being run. It is great to see so many of our members getting involved.
Over the Autumn Equinox, the Envoys of Avalon event has been in game again - that said, it is clear our focus is on the potential Halloween events. We are quickly approaching our most favourite time of the year in our Secret World, and lots of people have been logging in to ask if we all know when Jack is making an appearance again. Based on the start of Samhain events over the last years, we are all crossing our fingers for this coming week. You can count on us making an announcement on the news page of our website as soon as we know anything - or of course when we see it go live!
Whatever goes on in game, we want you to also share your real life pumpkin spice and jack 'o lanterns with us. Alongside the Event Prize Draw for October, today we are launching our Halloween Creations thread. Share with us photos of your Halloween creations that you are making for real at home. Whether you are carving a pumpkin, baking a pie, have a fancy costume or have decorated your garden - share it with us in this thread here!
I hope you enjoy this months issue of our cabal newsletter. 

See you in game,

~ Katelin

ps. Thank you DigitalWraith for the beautiful artwork <3

Rifla needs your input!

Our tireless Raid Leader Rifla needs your input about Raiding. 

We have noticed over the last few months, that participation in higher level raids has reduced. We do still have members who have said they want to keep raiding with the cabal, or potentially would be interested in seeking out raids we can cooperate on that are already happening in the community - however, the scheduled E10 raid has been cancelled quite often over the past few weeks as we have lacked enough members at the scheduled time within the cabal to start a viable team. The majority of the people showing up were E17 members who were not doing the E10 for the loot - only to help those who needed that clear. 

There is no question about help being continued to be offered! As you all know, Rifla will raid pretty much all day every day unless he has to mow his lawn. Please share your ideas with him. The goal is to ensure as many of our members who want to raid, have a raid team to do this with!  

Please take the time to respond to Rifla in his post over in our Event Request forum area:

Got PvP?

Nine Swords sure does. Casual PvP is on the up - and has spread it's tentacles into our Secret World Community. What started out as an internal 9S cabal event is now becoming cross cabal and not only that, we are getting some awesome footage to watch if we cannot make the scheduled events! Massive thank yous to Cassar and Lisiasty for scheduling and organising these events - and to each of you that takes part.

Each event aims to have a theme, aiming to nudge people away from traditionally cookie cutter PvP builds - and encouraging different weapons to be used and varied teaming combinations. 

If you want to see what you have been missing out on, take a look at the videos that Lisiasty and Cassar have been creating of the event:


The next Casual PvP is scheduled on the 13th September, 2022. Check out our Events Calendar for more info:

Congratulations to the winners of our latest competitions!

We had some fantastic competitions running since the last issue of our Newsletter. Here is an overview for you if you missed out on the fun. 

9S Next Top Pet Model Competition

For this competition, Lisiasty ran with an idea from Gunnery and set up a competition which asked us to all to pick a fabulous location and feature our favourite faithful companions in a beauty photo session. The goal was to - Make them smize! Make them strike a pose! Make them be THE PET!  To the left you can see the top 3 entries that were submitted.

Congratulations to all winners and participants of this competition:
1. Xantheavia
2. Zhu
3. GunnerySgt
4. Rokynn
5. Lisiasty
6. Cassar
7. Xivom
8. Ale
9. Wodnica
10. Phara
11. Katelin
12. Fractalis
13. Kichu

So many were prizes handed out! Thank you to everyone who is so generous at donating items for us to use for competitions. It really does help us to have lots going on that can also span multiple timezones so all our members can get involved with the fun things happening in the cabal. 


Spot the Differences

This competition needed you to find the 15 differences that occurred after some strange things happened at Cucuvea's Grove. This event was only for members of Nine Swords, but it was great to receive messages from friends outside the cabal telling me how many they had found too!  

Congratulations to our 4 randomly picked winners:
1. Arkman
2. Donnatella
3. MikeyBravo
4. Sigouda 

Advertise your favourite item.

We asked you to create a short advertisement for your favourite item. The goal was to make sure it was ooozing with creativity. You were able to submit a poster, text for a jingle, a video, or a voice recording. 

Congratulations to our winners:

First place: Wodnica
Second place: GunnerySgt

Third place shared by

Masquerade 2022

DJ MedrinaKamaar of @Happy_T_Radio and Nine Swords present the 5th Annual Masquerade at the Albion Theatre, Ealdwic, London. This event is happening in Secret World Legends on Saturday, October 15th, 2000 CET/1800 UTC/1100 PDT a Masquerade, leitmotif based on The Phantom of the Opera

Nine Swords* is Recruiting! 

Forged in fire, tempered through wisdom, sharpened by resolve

Founded in 2012 for the original TSW, Nine Swords has stood the test of time. In SWL we maintain our reputation as a community driven cabal.

9S is primarily EU based with a growing global presence. We are looking for kind and spirited members with any level of progress through the main story or endgame challenges.

Cabal members are encouraged to take advantage of the event calendar on our website for scheduling a variety of in-game activities.

Please register on our website and once logged in, fill out your application here!

*Possessing a sword is not required for membership.

Issue 63 of The Sword's Edge...

Issue 63 of our cabal newsletter will be released in the new year! - see you then!