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Issue 10: 9th July, 2016 - In Ferro Veritas

Welcome to the 10th issue of The Sword's Edge. We have had a really busy month - what with celebrating 4 years of Nine Swords and then in this last week also getting totally stuck into the 4th Birthday celebrations for The Secret World. Quite incredible how there still seemed to be time to continue raiding and gathering our AP and MoPs!!

It's incredible how fast the time goes by, and how quickly we adapt to changes and new things - Nine Swords is still here, and still hungry for lots more! The passion I have witnessed in our members not just with the celebrations, but with getting stuck into their Museums and Lore hunting these last weeks is fantastic. It certainly cannot be said we are anything but an active cabal with a desire to keep building an active community!

DANCE STOP! *grins* Time to read the July 2016 issue of The Sword's Edge.

Thank you for the fantastic anniversary celebrations!!

Pets on Parade Snapshot

Were you at Pets on Parade?? If you were THANK YOU for being part of our 4th year anniversary event kick off for Nine Swords! What a fantastic event, with amazing support from Iolanthe from Gridstream Productions and Buzzy-Fred from The Secret Buzz.

We held some really fun events prior to the day, as well as during the event itself including many screenshot competitions, naming competitions, catwalk events etc. Loads of Nine Swords Prize packs were given out as well as steam game keys (Provided by Prosper01!! Thank you again!!) I handed out so many prizes, I was thankful that I had so much support from Iolanthe and Fred to keep the event running smoothly.

There has been some really wonderful feedback about the event, and people had a lot of fun - how could it have not been fun with so many pets surrounding us? Our record breaking attempt for dragons in the air was .. well.. a record breaker despite there not being all that many dragons present. My favourite part of the event though was our conga through the park. I laughed hard at how ridiculously fun this was - it was such a spontaneously carried out conga line, and with perfect musical support from Iolanthe.

Thank you all again for being there and supporting our cabal!

Karaoke at the Kumiho hotel

Floryn and Hit-Parade organised a trip over to Seoul for us on the 27th June - so quite a few Swords headed over there with their singing voices ready. After we had some small accidents with blades and the hotels previously quite nice sofas, the singing got underway! Whoever would have known there was so much love for the Sugababes??

Thank you to all Swords that attended, and of course for also taking part! *cigarette lighter waving in the air*


Nine Swords celebrate on the Run-Way!!

One of the events we held during our 4th Anniversary celebrations was called the run-way. Not that this was in any way shape or form like a catwalk event… what it was more so, was a hopes and dreams sharing event. We actually held an event with this name and of a similar theme four years ago when we founded the cabal and had our launch parties! So it was really fun to revisit it and see what our current membership had to say!


Katelin: What I love most about Nine Swords is our community. I love how everyone is so helpful and wanting to help others improve, learn and gain knowledge. I am pretty passionate about community… I think that’s why I enjoy working towards things like Cabal Pride. Easy to forget that we are just 1 part of a huge community machine hehe. My hope for Nine Swords future, is that we have more members who are not only actively logging in - but proactively organising things in the cabal. I love when people ask for help, but I love it even more when people learn how to help themselves… and others at the same time.


Saunabath: There aren’t a lot of similar cabals that arrange big social events for the whole game… I wouldn't say there's a single big thing that made me think that way. It's more the general attitude in the cabal that I like.


Goge: I really like the division system in the cabal; 9S is highly organized. I hope that the cabal doesn't ever run empty and that we can get more people into it!

Ishco and Marlolini

Ishco: My hopes and dreams... Well... Like Goge, I'd like to see more people in the cabal. Quality people! I think people are already super open-minded in the cabal, and I like it. Everyone is participating in every type of events organised and that's great. I hope it will stay like it!

Marlolini: My hope, is that we can build a more stable endgame crew that will help others reach their goals.

Antanahe and Floryn

Antanahe: I am thankful that the cabal has members as they are and so my best point is that Nine Swords allowed me to have met you all and one person in particular. That friendship in game allowed us to become friends IRL.

Floryn: The thing I probably love most about Nine Swords is something that some of you already know and that is the international aspect of the cabal. Even if it's just a Kalispera, God kveld or Whatcha. But meeting Anta IRL and also Ish earlier this year have been high points for me. “

Our hope for the future is a gathering of Niners IRL!


Durendal: What I really love about the cabal is that we started it with a group of friends, and kept going as such. Even with the people changing around a lot and times changing for everyone, we keep true to the vision for the cabal.

At the same time, we're not *just* a group of friends, we are also open towards making new ones, and as such having a great time as well. Oh, and it's much easier to bring world peace to Agartha if you've got a veritable private army to back you up. So thank you all for being yourselves!


What's your name?

We have so many members with lots of unique names - so it is always interesting to be a bit nosy and actually ask each other where our names come from.. or sometimes, what on Earth compelled us to choose what we did. To continue being nosy, Kate cornered Xkraft this month to explain where her name comes from. Is it special or just random?

Why Betty "Xkraft" Norge?

Seeing as I was, am and always will be a Nub, I did not realise that the Betty Norge was a part of the name that wold show in game, I thought it was only the nick... Betty is one of the nicknames for GF, and Norge = Norway in Norwegian. Xkraft is suppose to have a meaning, but, im not sure anyone has gotten it.. :P X='unknown' kraft='force' in Norwegian, so the nick is supposed to mean the unknown force.

Thank you for taking the time to explain your name to us Xkraft!! If any members are interested in featuring in this segment of The Sword's Edge, please get in touch with Katelin and remember to send a fantastic screenshot of yourself too!

Nine Swords Fantasy Five A-Side Dungeon Group Competition.

Unfortunately, Bett Splatter, ex-President of Fantasy Investment Fivers Association, was unable to allocate a winner for the Nine Swords Fantasy Five A-Side Dungeon Group Competition. This does not mean that we will not endeavour to try again in the future. Watch this space.

Big Trouble in the South China Sea - Episode 8.

By Mellified

Latest Progress Report from Sirena Island

Our ‘hiding in plain sight’ strategy is paying off. The Chinese around us are so focused on concreting over these ‘disputed’ islands and supposedly ‘extending’ their territorial waters that they assume we are part of their construction teams. They don’t let little things like ‘international law’ or ‘environmental concerns’ worry them. To satellites we look like another Chinese island and their warships and gunboats have been effective in keeping away any would-be snoopers. Filipino labour is cheap and experienced in concrete construction techniques. Our schedule is well on track and we have been able to finance much of the operation from the rich pickings ‘obtained’ from the passing shipping. On her last inspection Operative Lydia was most impressed - we have implemented all her recommendations.

The Sirena (the local word for the mermaid-like creatures we discovered) seem to have calmed down now that we have their eggs and children in our ‘custody’. The small lagoon in the centre of this innocuous island where they have existed for so many years has been incorporated into our construction, as they sicken and die if they are kept away from it. After the ‘demonstration’ of how vulnerable their offspring are to the impact of heavy objects, they do not use their ‘song’ upon us any more. We have found that a cage of reinforced steel mesh that they cannot climb is the most efficient means of ‘containing’ them, as anything solid results in sonic feedback and liquified body parts. As a side note, we have found that they cannot bear to have any kind of roof over them - we have therefore made their mesh cage an open cylinder with the top of the ‘walls’ well above their reach.

Research into their ‘song’ is more problematic. Anyone caught in range is instantly rendered unconscious and upon reawakening it is found that their short term memory has been wiped, including any memory of the song and the Sirena. There is an instant transition from unconsciousness to wakefulness so that some ‘volunteer’ test subjects have been completely unaware that anything has happened. This obviously makes investigating this ability difficult, but it would explain why the myths of mermaids (and the Mary Celeste type incidents) have been so prevalent in this area.

However, chaining Sirena to speedboats and using them as mobile stun devices has enabled us to perfect the art of stealthy modern piracy, as the crews we target do not remember anything about us, the robbery or the Sirena. As long as we only take a few ‘choice’ items from inside containers that will not be noticed until they get to port, it is the perfect crime.

Our small team of scientists here have also made some progress developing a sonic cannon, using the unique sound ‘signature’ of the song (as far as they can reverse engineer the physical component of it). Three have gone deaf, but a working prototype is now at the field testing stage. The range of our piracy is obviously limited to a circle around ‘Sirena Island’ at the moment, but if we can ‘mimic’ the powers of the ‘song’ using some kind of device then we can export this type of operation to any geographical location.

Morale is high, as some items discovered in the containers are truly ‘surprising’. However, we need a much more regular supply of spaghetti, as noodles are not an acceptable culinary substitute.

Nine Swords Call to Arms!

In the last issue of The Sword's Edge, we invited you to take part in a survey - it was called Nine Swords Call to Arms. The survey focussed on PvE events in the cabal and it was hoped that we could gain feedback from you as to how we as a cabal can provide opportunities for improving your PvE experience via cabal events.

The survey is now closed, and the results are in - the main result I saw was that only "end game" members of the cabal took time to fill it out, which was a bit of a shame as we had really hoped it could highlight areas where our lower geared members would like some help!! That said - all feedback is good feedback...

The members that did fill it out have on the whole requested more of what we are already doing, which is dungeon runs, helping learn new roles and working towards completing dungeon content that we haven't done so much of as a cabal (ie. the NM versions of raids). The main area that was highlighted as an area that we could do more of, which we don't do so much of generally, is achievement hunting. Therefore - as a follow up to the survey, I would like to talk with our division leaders and see how our divisions can help that on top of what is already being done with dungeons, lairs and 10k hunting.. there are so many achievements to be gained - we should be able to work something out!

So.. if you filled out the survey, thank you very much! If you have ideas about how we can work on the achievement hunting in the cabal - please get in touch!!

The Secret World in the Real World: by Floryn

The Secret World in the Real World: by Floryn

A lot of things in the Secret World are based on actual stories, events, art, etcetera. The Real Secret World will highlight one of the things you can see in the Secret World and tell you something about it’s origin in the real world.

Today’s highlight is 'Victory Hotel', now showing in the Rackham cinema. This film is not entirely fictional; it is featured in another Funcom game called ‘The Longest Journey’.

The film is set in a hotel where all exits "lead back inside". For this reason, the protagonist (who is heard talking to some other character trapped just as he is) cannot leave the hotel. Moreover, apparently "they are coming" and their dialogue notes that both of them will die. The scene ends with a loop to the beginning, when the door to the room where the two characters are opens, supposedly, to let "them" in. (from TLJwiki)

Rackham Cinema

Coming soon ...

Color Splash

Swords, I hope to see you at the 2nd The Secret Buzz fashion show on the 16th July! I'm going to be helping with the coordination of the event on the day. It would be wonderful to see lots of Swords there!! - Katelin

Your next issue ...

The next issue of The Sword's Edge will be on the 9th August. As always, if you are interested in getting involved in The Sword's Edge, please contact Katelin. She will be happy to have a chat with you!