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Issue 17: 9th May 2017 - In Ferro Veritas

This last month has overall been quiet - aside from the injection of fun for our Beltane event. Beltane was a great couple of hours of boss bashing, dancing and giving away purple loot! You can read about it more in this months issue.

Lots of time is being given to Cabal Administration tasks that we often find ourselves too busy to sit and take time over. I have been really impressed at the comments being given for our directives review happening in the forums. The responses to our 2017 9S survey have been encouraging - and we also have a new cabal website being created.

If you are finding things quiet, take a leaf out of Ishco, Yuriksha and Hit-Parade's books and plan some events on our Noticeboard forum. We may be waiting for SWL to launch - but that does not mean we don't have members logging into TSW. Plan things, organise for others to be around at a similar time to you. Have fun!

Survey Results

Thank you for participating in the 9S Survey 2017!

In last months issue of The Sword's Edge, we asked for your feedback via our 9S Survey. All members of Nine Swords that completed the survey had the option of entering a Sweepstake for some very cool purple signets that were donated by Dreadzilla. The reasoning behind the survey was to help us know what our members' hopes, dreams and aspirations are.. aside from more cookies *winks*

Results :: 29 members responded to the survey. This was a much lower response rate than expected, but nevertheless - the responses were encouraging.

A snapshot of some of the question results are in these pretty coloured pie-charts!

Another question we asked, but that is not shown in the pie charts here, was regarding how our members are interested in playing through the missions in SWL. 85.7% of the responses favoured doing the missions in a group, and 10% as a duo - so I am very much hoping at SWL release to see lots of teams being formed to work together through content!!

The entire results from the survey will be shared within our leadership team so they can use the results to help us focus on points raised within our divisions!

Winners of our Sweepstake!

Alongside the responses to our 9S Survey, we asked our members if they would like to participate in a Sweepstake to win some cool purple signets - 14 members participated in the Sweepstake. I was technically challenged today and couldn't figure out how to make our AJAX chat roll anything but the same number all the time - therefore, I resorted to old fashioned methods and I put the names on pieces of paper, popped them into a hat and asked my daughter to draw out 4 names. The following members will find their prizes in the Auction House to pick up (remember to pick them up quickly so they don't vanish!!) :

  • Tokrika : Prize - Purple Signet of Laceration
  • Yuriksha : Prize - Purple Signet of Breaching
  • Floryn : Prize - Purple Signet of Aggression
  • Kdrake : Prize - Purple Signet of Violence

Congratulations to you all, and thank you again to Dreadzílla for providing the prizes!

Our 4 Winners
Beltane 2017


Event summary, by Yuriksha

The weekend before last, on Saturday the 29th of April, Nine Swords hosted its first event tied to Beltane, the beginning of the old Celtic summer that balances Samhain, the start of winter. It was something of a whirlwind too, as I only first learned of Beltane and the Celtic seasonal traditions a couple weeks before. To keep it simple and not do an involved RP event we sacrificed nine (or maybe ten? Ishco brought an additional Padurii boss) world bosses and afterward had a dance party around Norma Creed's bonfire in Kingsmouth Town. It seems great minds think alike as Happy Tentacle Radio also announced Beltane festivities shortly before we did; fortunately Katelin was able to engage their support and we had an awesome set from DJ Medrina throughout the event.

We started off with two of The Abyssopelagic Horror in Savage Coast. The first one was complete pandemonium, people being thrown dozens of meters on every Deep Calling, adds and bounty hunters all over the place, but we soon got the situation well in hand. Then we went to Scorched Desert and handily dispatched no fewer than four spawns of Kenememti the Fear Eater. We capped off with several Bunica Padurii in The Shadowy Forest. The boss drops were divided into twelve parcels and given away as the prizes for the trivia contest that was held during the bonfire dancing in Kingsmouth. There were a lot of great signets given out. The whole event from the first Horror through the twelfth trivia question felt like it had a pretty frantic pace (to me anyway!) but still took around two hours to finish, and Medrina kept some of us dancing even a half hour more.

Many heartfelt thanks go to Katelin, who took care of many vital logistical issues and without whom this couldn't have happened, as well as to Durendal and the entire cabal for making the world bosses possible. No less gratitude is owed to DJ Medrina and Happy Tentacle Radio for their co-sponsorship of the event and the great music; and last and not least to all the Swords and the Secret World community who made it awesome by taking part! I hope that even just that community spirit will help hold us together during the next few months of transition. Looking forward to being able to celebrate Beltane 2018 with you next year!

Dreifuerstenstein markings

TSW in the Real World!

The marked slab: In the Easter vacations, Durendal, our daughter and I were in the Black Forest in Germany. During one of our walking trips that took us in the vicinity of the Mummelsee, we came across the "Dreifürstenstein". The Dreifürstenstein is a big sandstone slab, and since 1722 it marks the medieval borders of Baden, the Duchy Württemberg and the Principality Straßburg. It was pretty interesting to see the markings in the sandstone, though at the same time a shame that there was engraved graffiti - alongside the date marker of 1722. One engraving did catch our eye though specifically - because, even when we are on vacation, you never stop thinking of TSW! Katelin

The cufflinks: I am still thinking about your stylish side, gentlemen! You can find on the Internet these classy, even if black, cufflinks. A way to make Mr Fisk ashamed of his own cufflinks... (You don't know who he is? Well, Google is your friend here.)

The cross: Not that far from where I'm from in France, you can find this Templar cross, at La Capelle Balaguier. It's from the 18th century! You'll note where the cross is placed on the statue. *wink wink* Another one for the French reputation. Ishco

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge ...

Your next issue of The Sword's Edge will be on the 9th July 2017 - see you then!!