The SWL 2023 Anniversary event has begun.

Time to start logging in Swords to get your hands on the daily Anniversary rewards and to defeat the hourly portal boss and hatekeeper! Whether your Buzzing Hive drops shards, or goodies - come and join in the fun. 


  • Daily Event Login Rewards: A special gift every day during the event in addition to your regular login rewards!
  • The Talos of Gaia: The Immaculate Machine is back to give you treats! Agartha’s event portals to Vibrant Agartha rip back open containing one of 11 boss golems.
  • Shards of Corruption: The Gatekeeper once again has its curiosity piqued by the Talos’ hearts of rage.
  • BEEhemoth: Oh yeah, it’s gonna be around here and there.
  • Sales: A whole bunch of stuff is likely to go on sale for the anniversary event, ranging for cosmetics, convenience items, boosters, sprints, and more! Didn't spot anything in the sale yet - will update when / if this happens. 

See you all in game.