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  1. Summary
  2. Notes for this area
  3. Lair overview map
  4. Missions
  5. Summoning lair bosses


The Shadowy Forest lair is located in the lower right corner of the map. The lair team should arrive at the spoiled garden anima well. There you will find yourselves right next to the lair missions and the entrance to the lair. By completing and handing in the three lair missions, each of the team members will receive summoning essences that can be used to summon lair bosses. Read more about how lairs work here: Introduction to Lairs.

Notes for this area 

The lair is densely populated with various fungal monsters. Stay with your lair team, and be sure to let the tank pull the mobs. If any team members die, wait with continuing missions until they return to the group. Remember to always run back to the team in anima form.  All of the monsters have a buff called Surface Virulence. When the monsters are affected by a damage over time effect, they will counter with a poison effect. This poison effect can be cleansed. Therefore it can be useful to carry a cleanse while doing this lair. 

Lair overview map 

SF Lair Map


As with all lairs, there are three missions to complete. Make sure you pick up all of them before starting the lair. 

Mission 1: Kreep Rush

The time has come to draw out the most aberrant of the mutations in the forest. Use the Red Hand barrels to lure an interbred strain of fungi and cleanse them from this toxic gene pool. 

Tier 1 of 1

  • Place the barrels to lure the tangled Kreeps

Mission 2: Seedy Underbelly

Toxic Red Hand barrels continue to pollute the forest. The sickness is already ingrained in the area, but there's still a chance to gather knowledge about its origins and perhaps its eventual antidote. 

 Tier 1 of 1

  • Gather 15 samples form the Red Hand barrels
  • Gather 5 seeds of cleansing

Mission 3: The Spoils of Cold War

These Red Hand materials are a reminder of Soviet experimentation in the forest. The neon mushrooms are an even more telling indicator. The building blocks of life have twisted into new patterns, and the grotesque results must be contained.

Tier 1 of 1

  • Exterminate 6 Creeping Ends
  • Exterminate 8 Creeping Seeds
  • Exterminate 12 Creeping Births
  • Exterminate 24 Creeping Spoils


Summoning lair bosses