Guide Contents:

  1. Summary
  2. Notes for this area
  3. Lair overview map
  4. Missions 
    1. Mission: Lights Out
    2. Mission: Dark Tides
    3. Mission: Inner Peace
  5. Lair Boss summoning


The lair is located in the beautiful grounds of the Kantoku Temple. Team members should arrive at the anima well in Ginpachi Park, and head up the stairs to the lair. You will find the three lair missions on the left side, next to a filthy corpse. By completing the three lair missions, each team member receives summoning essences that can be used to summon lair bosses. Read more about how lairs work here: Introduction to Lairs.


Notes for this area 

The lair is populated with filth monsters, spirits and komainu. Many of these monsters use large AOEs to attack, so the lair team should stay back and let the tank engage the enemies. Be especially wary of Komainu. 


 The Komainu look like statues of lions, as seen in the image above. However, when standing next to them, they will start moving and attack. They will put large AOEs on the ground, that can deal a lot of damage and easily kill team members. 

Lair overview map



Mission: Lights Out

A darkness is spreading through the shrine, enveloping this once peaceful sanctum into the maws of the Filth. There must be a way to cleanse the evil seeping through the walls of this holy site. 

Tier 1 of 1

  • Light 4 Lanterns in the Eastern garden
  • Light 4 Lanterns in the Western garden


Mission: Dark Tides

A filth horde is invading the Kantoku Temple. Now is the time to make a stand and cleanse their corruption from these sacred grounds. 

Tier 1 of 1

  • Find where filth is advancing into the temple
  • Fend off the filth
  • Defeat the filthy Deep One


Mission: Inner Peace

The sanctity of life within the shrine's temple gardens have become corrupted by the festering evil spreading throughout Tokyo. Show these blasphemous intruders the meaning of death, and restore peace to the sanctum. 

Tier 1 of 1

  • Kill 8 Komainu
  • Kill 10 Filth Evolved creatures
  • Kill 4 Kami-Infested Miko
  • Kill 10 Onryo


Lair Boss summoning

To summon the lair bosses, the team has to go to one of the summoning platform within the lair. The most commonly used platform is located inside the large building in the center of the lair. Read more about Kaidan lair bosses in the links below.